The brilliant banana

We can all help reduce food waste by making better use of the valuable ingredients we have.


Take the banana for example, it can be used in a variety of recipes – even when it’s overripe.

I've traveled a long way

Bananas are grown in the tropical climates of Central America, Asia and Africa before being transported all over the world. Valuable resources have been used to get your banana to you.

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Tropical treasure

Throwing away ingredients not only wastes food, but also the inputs and resources that went into producing it. Wouldn’t it be a shame to let your banana go to waste?

Your brilliant banana

Besides being packed with energy and vitamins, your banana also comes with its own natural and easy-to-open protective packaging for transport and storage – the peel. Even when it’s overripe, your banana can be used in a variety of tasty and healthy recipes.

Recipes for ripe banana

Why not try your ripe bananas in recipes where they are sautéed, flambéed, and baked or cooked into desserts.


Recipes for very ripe banana

The sweetness of very ripe bananas make them ideal for smoothies, puddings, and desserts.


Recipes for overripe banana

Overripe bananas are even more sweet and are still perfect for smoothies, shakes, and desserts. Why not give them a try?