So, what can I do?

Did you know that nearly one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste?

Around half of this is lost in the supply chain and never even makes it to the consumer.

But with 17% of food ending up in the trash in our homes, we can all make food choices that reduce waste and improve our global food system.

Five simple things you can do to waste less food at home

1. Be a leftover hero

With around 931 million tons of food unnecessarily wasted by consumers globally each year, even reusing small portions of leftover food to create tasty meals makes a difference.

Besides, avoiding food waste in your home can significantly reduce your climate footprint as about 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions could be avoided if we stop wasting food.

2. Get the most out of your ingredients

Using as much of each ingredient in your cooking as possible can help reduce food waste.

Perfectly edible parts of ingredients that are often thrown away including stems, leaves, peels and rind, can add beauty and taste to a dish.

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3. Store your food correctly

Thinking about how you store fresh ingredients in your fridge makes your food last longer and reduces waste.

Freezing ingredients can also help retain nutrients and flavor.

4. Prepare food fit for you

While 821 million people in the world go hungry every day, nearly two billion are overweight or obese. Eating more than our body needs wastes food and can seriously affect our health.

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Source: WHO

Source: WHO

5. Use your senses

Many foods such as dairy products and dried ingredients are often perfectly good to eat after their best before date – and ingredients such as salt and honey may last far longer.

Instead of throwing ingredients away, check if they can still be used.

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10 Stories About Food Waste

In ten chapters, this documentary has been created to inspire sustainable cooking and eating and brings together some of the biggest names in food.

Hear from star chef Dan Barber, urban-farming pioneer Anastasia Cole Plakias, food-tech specialist Johan Jörgensen and many more as they weigh in on the state of food – from global challenges to bite-sized solutions.

Source: Electrolux Group